Hvis du nogensinde er i tvivl om: hvorfor lærer?

Jeg tog denne her direkte fra en facebookgruppe som jeg er i. Jeg finder der rørende og en ganske god beskrivelse af hvornår lærere også gør en forskel.

Det er skrevet som et svar på en lærer der overvejer at forlade lærerprofessionen da det ikke mere gav mening. Umiddelbart er der i skrivende stund over 400 replies som jeg finder gode og stærke. Men understående er “lidt unikt” synes jeg.


Skrevet af:
Judy Oglesby
My son was in kindergarten and my daughter in preschool when my marriage hit its worst year. We lived in poverty, in a household dealing with substance abuse and domestic violence. I was facing divorce with just a high school diploma and no idea how I would care for my babies. My son was acting out in school – though small for his age, he could hurl blocks all the way across the room when angry. His very perceptive, very caring, veteran teacher took the time to get to know us and extended a kind hand. Ten years later, my son is a rising sophomore taking honors classes at an early college high school, with plans to study physics and engineering at a state university before transferring to M.I.T. for graduate work. He has already completed 16 college credits, has a college GPA of 3.8 and stays on the high school honor roll. My daughter, who also had that teacher in kindergarten, is a middle school honor roll student and a performer who plans to study the arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her dream is to hear the applause for her eventual performance on a Broadway stage and to open her own music and dance school after she settles down. I am a 45-year-old third year beginning teacher who graduated with my degree in elementary education in 2010. I had to do it through a distance education program offered by one of our state universities, but I succeeded. ONE caring, generous, dedicated, veteran teacher changed the lives of three people and forever altered the course for our small family. She helped us break a cycle of underachievement, poverty, and dysfunction by offering encouragement, guidance, and genuine love for my children and me. She is our hero and I am working with all my heart and soul to pay that gift forward as I muddle through these first challenging years in my own classroom. If you do find the motivation to sign on for another year, please keep in mind that you ARE touching lives in ways that might not be immediately apparent. Yours may be the words that stick and change the course for a confused soul that struggles just to get to class – or struggles to get her babies to class. Do not let yourself be convinced that you are not making a difference.

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